Nervous System Resets

Learn exercises and strategies to alleviate overwhelm and regulate your nervous system with this bi-monthly ritual, led by Emotional Wellness Facilitator and Embodiment Coach Amy Shearer. Join us every other Friday.

Within your beautiful body is an incredible highway of information connecting your heart, gut, and mind. This highway of information is the internal safety system that helps you respond to every situation in your life – from email pings to a lion’s roar.  When this information highway gets too much stimulation and feels overworked, it desperately needs your support to help it feel safe and resilient again (a.k .a. regulated).  Your regulated nervous system is the foundation for building your healthy and happy life. It allows you to respond to stress, adapt to change, and thrive in your relationships. During these events: We will explore the different ways in which your nervous system sends you signals letting you know it needs support Together, we will experience different simple somatic techniques so you feel empowered to support your body’s needs We will navigate behavioral changes supporting long-term nervous system regulation. We will share, listen, and release in a safe and supportive environment. 

New Moon Renewal Rituals + Full Moon Release Rituals

Whether the moon is renewing or releasing, we have the ritual for you. Led by Resident Astrologer Jordan Shomer, deepen your relationship with the lunar cycle and with your own spiritual practice before or on every lunar event.

Throughout history, The Moon has acted as a gathering place -- To huddle in the care of others and celebrate joyously with reckless abandon. The cyclical nature of The Moon's 28-day orbit allows us to greet ourselves with compassion, support our goals and intentions, and holds space for us to come home to ourselves at the start of each moon cycle. You don't have to wait for the New Year, or your birthday, for a blank slate. The moon offers us everything we need to begin again. On the New Moon, we begin again with old wisdom. Planting seeds we wish to grow over the course of the moon cycle. On Full Moons we release. The light of the moon illuminates our path and we see what needs to be cleared off before moving forward. On and on, the cycle continues. Everyone is welcome. No prior moon-experience necessary!

Earth Spirit Rituals: Building Your Personal Relationship with Plant and Earth Spirits and their Wisdom

Connect to the plant and earth spirit realm with Energy Healer and Intuitive Lizzie Rose Reiss in this deeply mystical and grounding monthly ritual.

When we’re working on ourselves we are usually trying to figure out how to unlearn outdated patterns and learn the most harmonious ways to operate. The greatest teachers of harmonious living are the plant beings, and in this monthly ritual we will learn how to connect with plant and earth wisdom and how to receive their simple yet sophisticated teachings and incorporate them into our lives. Even when we think we’re working with distinctly human issues, the plants have the answers. From use and preservation of physical energy to our mental and emotional patterns, to our spiritual quests, these magnificent beings of the plant and earth spirit realm are here for us with timeless wisdom.

A Breathwork Journey: Release Stuck Energy and Reconnect With Your Inner Wisdom

Experience deep release and reconnect with what lies within you with this monthly transformational breathwork ceremony, led in instruction, song, and drumming by Breathwork Facilitator Ru Chao.

Our breathing patterns indicate our health and well-being. Oftentimes, under stress and anxiety, for example, we shorten and restrict our breath. Because of this, plus the effects of living in a noisy and busy world, we often lose connection with the wisdom in our bodies. Conscious breathwork practice helps us deepen our breathing pattern and stimulates us to release stuck energies in the mind and body. Through a series of controlled breathing techniques, we release stress and experience more joy, love, freedom and ease. Come experience the magic of this ancient healing modality and your own self-healing power.

Celestial Seasons: Embodying the Archetypes of the Zodiac

Our monthly zodiacal deep dive, combining Evolutionary Astrology, Medical Astrology, and Herbalism. Learn in depth about each astrological sign from Herbalist and Medicinal & Evolutionary Astrologer Cameron Allen every month as the signs change.

In this class of Celestial Seasons we will explore the archetype of each astrological sign. We will break it down into the components that make up the sign, and this includes the element, mode, and planetary ruler. By looking at the energetic architecture of the signs of the zodiac, we gain a deeper understanding of the sign through the components and qualities rather than solely emphasizing the personality traits in humans although that will be explored as well. In this class we will discuss the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the sign, the healing and disease potentials, and how to decondition the sign from the current social construct we exist within in order to express this archetype to its fullest. We will also discuss herbs, movement practices, and environments that correspond to each sign. Through a holistic understanding of the archetypes, we build a language and orientation to the seasons we are in and life from the lens of understanding that builds the right relationship.

Underworld Unravellings: Rituals to Connect to Your Inner Depths

Connect to your ancestors, the underworld, and your depths within in this live monthly ritual taught by Lex Ritchie, Queer Witch & Facilitator of Liminal Spaces.

Curious about what lies beneath? Want to explore the realm of the ancestors, the place to which the plants retreat in the winter? Ready to get in touch with your roots? In these monthly sessions we discuss ancestors, the underworld, and the insights, healing, and transformation that can happen what you start to unravel the twisty path of the underworld.  If you’ve ever felt called to deepen your relationships with your ancestors or the dead, to discover the insights that lurk in the shadowy places, to  better understand the compost & death part of the metaphorical cycle of life, this event and ritual is for you! Learn about the essential information you need to know for any underworld encounter, have your questions answered, and experience a guided meditation into your own inner underworld.

Tarot for Real Life: A Practice and Understanding of the Mystical Teachings of Tarot

Led by Tarot Reader and Astrologer Davis Carr, this monthly ritual will give you the information and hands on experience to enable you to have your own personalized, deeply supportive tarot practice.

Every month we’ll be doing an hourlong tarot ritual combining information and theory on tarot followed by a personalized, hands-on experience. The goal will be to further connect you to your intuition by going in depth to different themes and patterns of your life as well as strengthening your own tarot practice, whether you're a total beginner or have had your own tarot practice for many years. This is our newest addition to the ritual lineup, so more info is coming soon! To learn more about your tarot guide Davis, you can check her and her work out here

Grow Your Own Cannabis with Intention

Let your life bloom with this live, 9 module course, every three weeks at 7:30PM EST starting on August 30th.

This is *the* course to learn how to grow cannabis. Legacy Regenerative Cannabis Cultivator Wendy Kornberg will walk you through every step to growing your own medicine, from seed to flower. Does 27 weeks sound like a long time? It's done by design - this will give you enough time to fully flower your plant, allowing for troubleshooting along the way. This class covers everything, from how to plant your seeds, to transplanting (clones included!), watering, fertilizing, navigating soil and amendments, vegetation, and flowering. But this class is so much more than the "how-to's" of cannabis cultivation; it also focuses on growing with intention. Learn the deep listening, mindfulness, patience, and sweet reward of taking care of this beautiful live creature, and let the medicine return the favor. This is a spiritual approach to growing plant medicine, and it will teach you so many lessons about yourself on the way. Plus, you'll learn how to grow tons of other types of food too! The lessons and skills from this course are life-changing.