Do You...

  • Want a spiritual practice that you can return to and rely on?

  • Have many interests that span a multitude of mystical practices, like astrology, tarot, breathwork, herbalism, and more?

  • Wish you had trusted experts that knew you well and who you could reach out to with questions?

  • Want a tight-knit community, like a coven, but one that encompassed all your interests?

  • Feel tired of searching for the experts or subjects that will keep you accountable to your spiritual goals?

  • Have a deep yearning to experience the magical, mystical, and metaphysical parts of life?

With monthly rituals based in astrology, tarot, breathwork, nervous system resets, human design, herbalism, and more, your spiritual practice has finally found a foundation to stand on.

A membership to Omnia Network removes the guesswork and gives you the roadmap to get there.

 With monthly rituals to help you commit to your spirit, you can discover what is possible with a regular practice of touching what is sacred. And with on-demand courses in subjects ranging from astrology, reinvigorating your libido, tarot, microdosing, growing cannabis, breathwork, human design, sustainable cooking, integrating plant medicine, somatic healing, and more, you will have the tools that allow you to embody the life you are seeking in a way that brings your fullest and most purposeful potential to the forefront of your life. No more waiting for that dream life to find you... The door is here. It's up to you now to walk through it. 

You need a support team that can envision the life you seek and help you create the bridge from where you are now to where you'd like to be. When you take your first step towards the life you are meant for, we are the ground that meets your foot as you walk. 


  • A custom fit spiritual practice that keeps you connected to your inner knowing, expands your spiritual horizons, and allows you to expand your gifts.

  • Not just learning from trusted, vetted experts, but actually embodying the wisdom and skills you've learned in your everyday life and relationships.

  • Saving time, energy, and money by having all the resources you need in one place—you can stop looking and start being that version of yourself you've been missing.

Omnia's membership is here to help you:


    who you are and why the 3D world is only a sliver of what's really happening.


    who you can be when you regularly show up for yourself and your spiritual desires.


    with your inner seeker, sorceress, mystic, and higher self. They've been waiting.

Still think you should do it alone? Individualism is where capitalism and trauma meet. So f*ck that.

Get connected to yourself and your people so you can finally feel what it means to feel authentically empowered.

Heard this in your brain lately?

  • "I know I want to commit to a life with more richness and magic but I don't know where to start."

  • "I know I have a lot of interests; I can't ever seem to connect to just one modality or subject, and I wish I could do them all in one place."

  • "I'm tired of trying to scrap together a regular practice that's fun, deep, or varied enough to hold my interest."

We've been there, we get it, and we're here for you.

What You Get When You Join Omnia Network...




Monthly Rituals

Give your spiritual practice some structure and consistency.

Curate your own spiritual practice depending on your moods, interests, and goals with our monthly ritual schedule. Every month, you'll have access to rituals in underworld journeying, astrology, breathwork, herbalism, nervous system resets, tarot, and more. These aren't just do-it-on-your-own rituals; but rather experts learn about you, remember who you are (and your charts, ancestry, etc) and build upon your practice alongside you.

Community + Weekly Meetups

For clarifying and sticking with your intentions and finding connection in the process.

We're just a bunch of funny multipassionate seekers, just like you. We get to know each other through our regular rituals, plus every week you’ll have access to a weekly meetup, where you can share what’s been coming up for you (these courses and intensives move things around within!), what your intentions are these days, and the general ol' how the hell are ya. There’s also a community forum where you can ask any of your questions to our experts or other members and experience what it’s like to truly belong, right now, as you are in this moment. We’re right here with you. Let's get celestial and hippie dippy.

Live Courses + On Demand Workshops

On all of the most transformative subjects that will initiate lasting change in your life.

Trusted, vetted experts teach live courses where you have time to really metabolize and embody the wisdom you’re learning while getting live, direct feedback for all of your innermost questions and concerns. Because of the more in-depth content and longer schedule, these live courses allow you to go deeper into the material so you can apply it to your daily life and actualize your goals. Each one is recorded and goes into our vault of life-changing on-demand workshops for you to access 24/7 and go through at your own pace.

Expert Intensives

For deep dives addressing your specific needs.

A couple times a month, healers and visionaries offer two-hour masterclasses on their expertise, allowing for a serious understanding of expansive topics that you can readily employ in your life. These are intense deep dives into a specific arena and always include time for your questions to be answered by the expert on the spot. In addition to the live courses, this gives you a well-rounded exposure to a variety of tools to support you on your spiritual path.

Become a member and get immediate access to all of of our prerecorded workshops and more...


Access to all sixteen expert recordings from The Self-Renewal Summit, only available to Omnia members.

You May Be Thinking...

  • I'm not 100% well-red in some of these areas, but I'm interested. Is that ok?

  • I’m afraid to try to restart my spiritual practice and fail again.

  • I’m worried about overextending myself in yet another area of my life.

  • Is Omnia for me?

The Short Answer? Yes.

Capitalism and trauma want you to think you should handle this all by yourself, as they literally promote separation at every opportunity—but those two are the absolute worst and you can’t listen to those gremlins, because healing happens in community.

  • If you’re afraid of committing to yourself and then not seeing it through, you'll have the personalized support and weekly meetups to help you stick with your goals and truly actualize them in your life. All the while, you can save your money, time, and energy spent looking for ways to improve your life, and instead take a giant item off the to-do list that's duct-taped across your brain—the one that says DO SOMETHING ELSE—and replace it with the deep sigh of "Ok, I'm finally doing it."

Allison Mandell

Allison Mandell is the founder and visionary of Omnia Network. She's also a certified energy healer and intuitive, a kundalini instructor, and a spiritual alchemist. (No surprise as a Scorpio Sun, Pisces Rising, Leo Moon, 1/3 Sacral Man Gen.) She's a fully enamored mom to her two senior dogs, and a former Executive Producer who worked in television for over 15 years. After what felt like eons of some pretty heinous corporate hustle, Allison took the time to decide to focus her life on what mattered most - living a more meaningful, purposeful, balanced, and inspired life. Through her travels (experientially, globally, and to other dimensions - thankyousomuch plant medicine), and some serious deep self-inventory, she yearned for a place with vetted experts and a rich community to support her on her path. When she couldn't find it, she decided to make it for those who were also seeking a more magical, mystical, and connected life. And thus, Omnia was born.

Your Omnia Membership Includes

  • A Minimum of 8 Rituals/Month - a $360 value

  • Access to the On-Demand Workshop Library—a $1340 value

  • One-Night Intensives—a $195 value

  • Weekly Meet Ups—an $80 value

  • Bonus - Access to the Self Renewal Summit Recordings - a $220 value

When you join Omnia, you get over $2,200 worth of transformational programming, support, and community for with a membership starting at $43 a month (see sliding scale options below). If you become a yearly member, you'll save on two months free plus get quarterly one-on-one coaching sessions worth $480. So many benefits, and it's easy to cancel anytime.

All For Only:

$79.99 a month or $799 a year (which gets you two months free!). See sliding scale options below and remember, you can cancel anytime.

Omnia's Sliding Scale Membership Options

We live within a shitstorm of oppressive systems (you know the villains well - capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, etc) which are at the root of so many of our problems, societally as well as personally. Understanding this, Omnia is offering sliding scale membership options, because paying according to one’s resources creates a more equitable, diverse, and sustainable community for us all.

We are offering a sliding scale membership as a tool for building economic justice, and it requires your active participation. If a sliding scale is implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income for the same access to resources, while also taking into consideration the impact that systems of oppression have on their long term financial stability. Please review the options below, and choose whichever is most supportive to you knowing that if your circumstances change, you can always change your plan. 

Option A: $43/month. Ideal if you’re a single income household making less  than $35K/yr, have faced employment discrimination, have medical needs not covered by insurance, are supporting children or have other dependents, or identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour, Person with a Disability, LGBTQ2IA+. 

Use OptionA as a promo code when checking out. 

Option B: $56/month. With this option, you are able to meet your basic needs, earn around $45-60k a year, live within a multi-income household, have access to resources during times of need, or feel that this is a number that works within your budget.

Use OptionB as a promo code when checking out. 

Option C: $79/month. Choose this option if you feel financially comfortable, especially if you are able to travel and/or take time off regularly, own your home or have savings, or have a relatively high degree of earning power due to your level of education (or racial or gender  privilege, class background, etc). This is the full cost of the membership. 

The scale is intended to be a map, inviting each of us to take self-inventory of our resources and look more closely at our levels of privilege. It is a way to challenge the capitalist society we are steeped in and to work towards economic justice on a community level. 

Please remember this is a profit share membership, meaning what you contribute benefits all of the experts equally. 

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

  • Are the classes recorded?

    Some rituals are recorded, depending on the subject matter. (Some trauma based rituals are not recorded for the privacy of those involved.) Each live class and intensive is recorded and available for the month following the live session, so if you can’t make it to a class, we’ve got you covered. The prerecorded workshops that you have access to already are always available.

  • What if I have a question for the expert, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend?

    You can always post your question in the community space ahead of a class and it will either be answered in the live session, or with the expert’s answer directly within the community page where the question was asked. If it’s a personal question you’d rather not post, you can email it to the team and Allison will ask the expert privately and respond in kind.

  • What if I want to cancel my membership?

    You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

  • Are the intention setting meetups recorded?

    Nope! That’s a lot of private information, so we don’t record those. But if you missed a session, you can always post in the community space for recognition and support.

  • How do I know if the community space is safe for me?

    We closely watch the community posts to make sure everyone is maintaining a supportive, connected, and lovingly curious approach to the tough work and joyous discovery we’re here to do. We’ve all been a part of a space where someone really rips the top off on the weird vibe, so we’ll make sure to keep it safe and healing in all of the community spaces and will sidebar with anyone who might not fall within the guidelines of conscientious posting.

  • What if there’s an expert or subject I really want to learn from/about?

    Yessss – either post in the community page or send the info to the team and we’ll check it out asap! We’re here to build a dreamy community after all. We want your ideas!

  • What specifically is included in my membership?

    There are multiple live rituals and intensives each month, as well as weekly meetups, the giant and growing on-demand workshop library, and an onboarding call when you sign up.

  • Why a membership versus buying a class individually?

    We have all been taught that we must walk this road alone - that we need to figure out our trauma, our confusion, our loneliness - in isolation. This is a result of capitalism and white supremacy doing a fine job on our psyches! But alas, healing happens in community, and this is not a linear process that can be achieved in one evening. It takes support and consistent resourcing for true transformation to take place and continue to evolve, so we've created a membership that provides that. Not to mention - this is still a hell of a steal, with most live courses costing way more than our monthly membership. We did this by design - we chose the lowest amount to charge that still pays our experts fairly for their time and effort.