All About This Course

Within your beautiful body is an incredible highway of information connecting your heart, gut, and mind. This highway of information is the internal safety system that helps you respond to every situation in your life – from email pings to a lion’s roar. 

When this information highway gets too much stimulation and feels overworked, it desperately needs your support to help it feel safe and resilient again (a.k .a. regulated).  Your regulated nervous system is the foundation for building your healthy and happy life. It allows you to respond to stress, adapt to change, and thrive in your relationships.

During these events:

💚We will explore the different ways in which your nervous system sends you signals letting you know it needs support

💚Together, we will experience different simple somatic techniques so you feel empowered to support your body’s needs

💚We will navigate behavioral changes supporting long-term nervous system regulation.

💚We will share, listen, and release in a safe and supportive environment. 

To participate, all you need is you and a journal.  And no prior experience or knowledge is necessary.

Nervous System Reset is for you if:

💚You desire to have the capacity to take a deep breath and center yourself before responding to your co-worker’s snarky comment. 

💚You have a vision of yourself that stays grounded and connected even when life is spinning around you like a tornado. 

💚Your intuition is ringing you off the hook, and you keep ignoring the call, not yet trusting that internal navigation system. 

💚Your body is simultaneously tired and restless, and you feel stuck on how to respond to its needs.

💚Your moods are like a rollercoaster, feeling anxious one moment and down into apathy the next.

💚Your stomach is constantly in knots, and no supplement or diet seems to help unravel the discomfort. 

💚You are ready to have healthy, safe, and fulfilling life connections – partner(s), friends, family, and co-workers.

About Your Instructor

Amy Shearer's Background & Philosophy

Amy Shearer, a former fashion retail executive for over 15 years, is an Emotional Wellness 

Facilitator &  Embodiment Coach. She supports sensitive, burnt-out people find freedom from stressful relationship patterns so they can experience nourishing and balanced life connections. 

She is a Master Life and Success Coach, Master and Trainer of NLP, EFT, TIME, Hypnosis, certified Breathwork Facilitator, and certified Somatic Stress Release Facilitator. Amy is a California girl who resides in Kingston, New York, with her husband Brian and sweet rescue dog Brinkley.


Insta: @the_recreated

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