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Throughout history, The Moon has acted as a gathering place -- To huddle in the care of others and celebrate joyously with reckless abandon. The cyclical nature of The Moon's 28-day orbit allows us to greet ourselves with compassion, support our goals and intentions, and holds space for us to come home to ourselves at the start of each moon cycle. You don't have to wait for the New Year, or your birthday, for a blank slate. The moon offers us everything we need to begin again.

On the New Moon, we begin again with old wisdom. Planting seeds we wish to grow over the course of the moon cycle.
On Full Moons we release. The light of the moon illuminates our path and we see what needs to be cleared off before moving forward. On and on, the cycle continues.

During these events:
☾ We will discuss the energetics of each New & Full Moon and how they impact you on an individual level
☾ We will do a group intention setting or release ritual tailored to the unique energy of each Lunar Event. Rich with journal prompts and thoughtful tid-bits that may offer you an a-ha moment or two
☾ Together we will share, laugh, cry and continue a centuries-old tradition of gathering under the light of the moon

To participate, all you need to bring is yourself and a journal.

These Moon Rituals are for you if:
☾ Trekking through the linear landscape of the solar-year has gotten you down
☾ You want a more compassionate way to show up to your goals and intentions
☾ You are looking to enrich your self-care practice
☾ You are seeking a spiritual anchor or means of deeper self-reflection
☾ You are open to the connection and support of other like-minded people
☾ You dream of The Moon as your guide

Join us in deepening your relationship to The Moon.. And in turn, deepening your relationship to yourself.

Everyone is welcome. No prior moon-experience necessary!

About Your Instructor

Jordan Shomer's Background & Philosophy

Jordan Shomer is Your Astrologer Friend, a queer intuitive astrologer/writer/teacher who recognizes the patterns and puzzles of astrology and synthesizes them into stories that land on your heart. She believes that within the map of the stars lives a blueprint to healing and guidebook to growth. Jordan has sought training in various techniques and traditions which she has melded to find a style of astrology all her own. As a teacher, she aims to lift astrology off the page and into everyday life. Her experiential approach supports you in seeing the astrological stories living and breathing all around you. Find her on Instagram (@jordanshomer) or her weekly newsletter, Astrologically Speaking: Advice with a Cosmic Twist.


Insta: @jordanshomer

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