About The Self-Renewal Summit

In these recordings from the live summit, 16 experts will share how to unlearn toxic belief systems and burdens you’ve been carrying, discover who you truly are, and become that person in your everyday life. This summit is for anyone who is ready to answer the call of their own potential in a way that has lasting impact on their lives. 

Topics covered include: Plant medicine (cannabis, microdosing, ayahausca and psilocybin), human design, grief and trauma healing, tarot, handling intensity and giftedness through an IFS lens, rediscovering our own gender spectrum, understanding right livelihood and how to make a living while keeping your integrity, somatic healing, freedom through play and creativity, holistic sexuality and sex positivity, and embodying a place of surrender within ourselves. Each of these experts presents a new mechanism to support you through making deeply healing and transformative life changes. 

Your life can be so much more balanced, healed, and full of joy. You just have to show up for yourself to initiate your transformation journey. We’ll do the rest. 

Start now by watching the these recordings from the live event, updated daily.

Course curriculum

    1. Before You Begin

    1. (5:00pm) Allison Mandell, Founder of Omnia Network, The 3 Keys to Transformation: Uncovering the Other Path

    2. (6:00pm) Ana Maria Badila, The Microdosing Guru, Breaking Free: Microdosing for Limiting Belief Liberation

    3. (7:00pm) Eli Lawliet, The Gender Doula: Liberate Your Gender, Liberate Yourself

    4. (8:00pm) Kelsey Rose Tortorice, Human DesignTeacher: Human Design: The Textureof Your Subjective Truth

    1. (5:00pm) Lex Ritchie, Facilitator of Liminal Spaces: Healing Through Ancestral Repair

    2. (6:00pm) Julie Ewald, Yoga Instructor & Embodiment Coach: Unlocking Resilience Through the Power of Surrender

    3. (7:00pm) Dr. Juliana Hauser, Sexpert & Licensed Marriage Therapist: Holistic Sexuality: The Final Frontier of Self-Development

    4. (8:00pm) Wendy Kornberg, Regenerative Cannabis Expert: Cannabis: The Gateway Drug to Transformation

    1. (5:00pm) Molly Rivera, Multidisciplinary Artist & Imagination Doula: Cultivating Creativity As A Spiritual Path to Sovereignty & Hope

    2. (6:00pm) Fanny Priest, Grief & TraumaCoach: Your Body Is InherentlyTrustworthy

    3. (7:00pm) Luis Mojica, Somatic Teacher &Nutritionist: Expanding Capacityfor Trauma Healing

    4. (8:00pm) Crystal Dawn, Herbalist, ER Doctor, Functional Medicine Practitioner: How to Prepare Yourself for a Sacred Medicine Journey with Ayahuasca and Psilocybin

    1. (5:00pm) Dr. Amanda Reiman, Founder of Personal Plants, The Dr. Ruth Of Cannabis: Healing More Than My Pain: My Journey With Cannabis

    2. (6:00pm) Adrienne Sloan, IFS Therapist for the Gifted, Intense, & Creative: Too Much & Not Enough

    3. (7:00pm) Shanae Adams, Sexuality Professional: The Pillars of Sex Positivity: Living a Sex Positive Life

    4. (8:00pm) Della Duncan, Renegade Economist & Right Livelihood Coach, Upstream Podcast: Cultivating Right Livelihood Aligning Work with Values

About this course

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  • 17 lessons
  • 15 hours of video content