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Trying to get off antidepressants, or know someone who is? Afraid of trying to get off the meds and not know what the withdrawal will be like? Do you like the lesser lows, but dislike the side effects or the numbed out feeling? Feel disempowered in your process of trying to navigate your own path around your mental health? Well, good news is finally here. 

Ayurvedic Practitioner and Microdosing Expert Andrea Shuman has made a workshop for anyone looking for other options when it comes to their emotional and mental wellbeing, and who have either been taking antidepressants, have been considering taking them, or know someone who is trying to get off of them. 

Given that a shocking ONE IN FOUR Americans is on some sort of psychiatric medication (and almost half of them are misdiagnosed), this is an absolutely commonplace issue. In this course, she details how capitalist fueled big pharma created this epidemic, how to tell if you’re ready to shift from meds to psychedelics, the pros and cons of microdosing, how to talk to your doctor about your needs and what questions to ask, and what to expect during the entire process from beginning titrating to a fully established microdosing protocol. 

Like a practitioner and a best friend rolled into one, Andrea handles the subject with compassion, experience, and a hell of a lot of wisdom. Whether you’re on psych meds now, are considering going on, or know someone who is going through these things, this class will leave you feeling more educated and empowered to call in the health and future you’re seeking.

What You'll Learn In This Course

Key Takeaways From This Workshop

  • How antidepressants have been prescribed the way they are—and the shocking statistics behind how poorly they're prescribed, dosed, and managed

  • How to properly titrate off of antidepressants and what to expect, including navigating the fear around withdrawal

  • How to work with your health practitioner to do this safely and with medical support

  • How to add a microdosing protocol into your

About Your Instructor

Andrea Shuman's background and philosophy.

Andrea has been in the holistic health field since 1997 as a bodyworker, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Master Herbalist, and product creator and formulator.

Andrea is also a pattern seer, an activist, a Mother, and a cycle-breaker.

With an affinity for life transitions and women's blood mysteries as sacred rights of passage that require understanding and respect at a societal level, Andrea endeavors to be part of the change to help bring about an end to colonial mentality and patriarchal business practices around plant and fungi medicines and return to a world where our elders bring the young ones into community responsibility with grace, knowledge, and love for the Earth and all her blessings.

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Or check out her Instagram: @mycrodrops 

What You Need to Get Started

Welcome to From Psych Meds to Psychedelics. Here's what you'll need for this workshop.

  • Tools Needed to Succeed

    Pen & Paper

    Please take notes on what resonates with you, questions for your doctor, and questions to ask yourself when navigating your mental health journey. You got this.

  • The Mindset Needed to Succeed

    An Open Mind

    The perspective here is that anti-depressants can be very effective for some but not for all, and there are other ways to find balance and grounding in your mental health

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Course curriculum

    1. Before You Begin

    1. Taking Control of Your Wellness Narrative

    1. Mental Health Stats You Need to Know

    1. Withdrawal & the Remedication Cycle

    1. Microdosing Basics

    1. Self Advocacy & What to Ask & Tell Your Provider

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