"What is easy is sustainable. Birds coast when they can." – Adrienne Maree Brown

For people living in low-capacity bodies in a high-demand world, the pressures to conform, perform, and labor come from various sources, both external and internal. And while there may not be much we can do in the short term to push back on the demands of late-stage neoliberal capitalism, there is a lot we can do to ease the pressure of shame and internalized ableism.

For most chronically ill and/or burnt-out people Fanny has worked with, the internal pressure of shame–an adaptive response to developmental trauma–predates the onset of their illness and burnout. And while bearing witness to, validating, and ultimately interrupting our shame-based survival strategies doesn't make up for the fact that we live in an ableist, oppressive system that puts profit over people, doing so can considerably lessen the amount of internal pressure we feel, thus freeing us to imagine & ask for the kind of life & world where all bodies and needs are accommodated and celebrated.

In her trauma repair work, Fanny teaches people to become safe caregivers to themselves and to build self-trust, which allows us to feel all of our big feelings safely, fully trust our bodies and knowing, and to make choices and create change that aligns with our desires.

Being a safe caregiver to our low-capacity bodies means reclaiming our bodies' inherent trustworthiness.

In this course, Fanny will take you through the genesis of shame and the survival function of internalized ableism, offer a gentle framework for trauma repair for low-capacity bodies, and suggest ways to ease the burden of care tasks in day-to-life. Her teaching style emphasizes autonomy, consent, and the sovereignty of lived experience.

What she can promise you is this: your own lived experience will be honored and celebrated above all.

This workshop is for you if you experience one or more of the following:

  • Chronic Illness, Autoimmunity, Chronic Pain, and/or Disability

  • Neurodivergence

  • Burnout (for any reason)

  • Pregnancy + Postpartum

  • Long Covid

  • Recovery from Acute Injury/Illness

  • Grief and Loss

Fanny firmly believes that repair is possible in every interaction we have with our bodies and that our relationship with our bodies, no matter how fraught, holds the possibility and deserves restoration.

Fanny is not an expert in all of these matters by any stretch. As a teacher, she comes to this material with humility and the lived experience of being late-diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. What she has found in navigating the experience of Autistic burnout is that this is the topic that feels the most alive to me at the moment (hello, special interest!) and that so much of the framework of trauma repair directly applies to the topic of low-capacity living.

Links to each week's course plus additional in-depth information can be found by clicking this cute little button below. Can't make it? No worries! After each live class, the recordings of the class can be found in the associative module and will be available for one month.

For the class—you can bring a pen and paper, but it's really encouraged that you just allow yourself to be present. Because we have the recordings available, as well as all of the slides, you can just relax into the information and know there are resources available to you when you want to circle back.

What You'll Learn

A week by week breakdown of all the goods.

  • Week One: We’ll cover how shame acts as a protector and a strategist when developmental trauma is present, and the survival function of internalized ableism.

  • Week Two: We’ll cover how the grief of not having our pain witnessed & affirmed, and our needs for comfort and accommodation not met keeps us stuck.

  • Week Three: We’ll learn how to become the safe caregivers we’ve always needed by attuning to the inherent trustworthiness of our bodies.

  • Week Four: We’ll explore gentle, sustainable ways in which we can tap into our agency by making different choices, and supporting our nervous system to welcome change.

Meet Your Instructor: Fanny Priest

Her background, her philosophy, and her approach to this course.

Follow her on Instagram: @the.trauma.witch Her website: thetraumawitch.com

I'm Fanny Priest (she/her.) I'm a writer, educator, and coach specializing in developmental and attachment trauma repair. I'm a queer, fat, neurodivergent (Autism & ADHD), polyamorous witch, a mama of two, and a native French speaker. I love tarot, stationery, 90's grunge, weed, collecting rainbow mugs, putting my feet in the grass, decaf coffee, and literally all dogs. I'm a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon, Taurus rising, and an aspiring Guns N' Roses cover band drummer.

I help witches & weirdos, queers & creatives, misfits & mystics repair the relationship with their bodies, feelings, and needs. I teach folks how to build self-trust and be safe caregivers to themselves, reduce the pressure of shame, befriend grief, and expand their capacity to feel & receive.

Trauma is a relational and spiritual wound, so the medicine must also be relational and spiritual. When it comes to creating the change we desire in our lives, relationships, and world, we don't need to try harder. We need to feel safer.

Course curriculum

    1. Before You Begin

    1. Week #1: Shame + Internalized Ableism

    2. Recording of Week 1's Class: Shame + Internalized Ableism

    1. Week #2: Grief & What Keeps Us Stuck

    2. Recording of Week 2's Class: Grief & What Keeps Us Stuck

    1. Week #3: Attunement + Trust

    2. Recording of Week 3's Class: Attunement + Trust

    1. Week #4: Tap Into Your Agency

    2. Recording of Week 4's Class: Tap Into Your Agency

    1. What Did You Think About This Course?

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