The Self-Renewal Summit is your life transformation start pack. You Will...

  • Learn How To:

    embody your true self, in all of its authentic purpose, weirdness, and joy.

  • Deprogram Yourself From:

    the oppressive systems that have woven their disempowering beliefs through your psyche.

  • Connect With:

    others in a community of belonging where you know you're not alone at any stage of your process.

  • Feel like you spend more time reacting to the world around you (your job, family, health, partner, social media) than you do spending time on the things that make you joyful, impactful, and alive

  • Feel lonely because people don't understand why you're unsatisfied with your life because you are you successful on the outside and burnt to a crisp on the inside

  • Feel like the next steps aren't clear, but you know something needs to change and are ready to get the help and feedback necessary to finally turn your goals into a reality

  • Have spent your life following the rules, only to feel exhausted, exploited, and ready to make your One Precious Life a priority (hell yeah to all the Mary Oliver lovers out there)

  • Are unsure when you try to explore different healing modalities, tools, and spiritual practices, not knowing who you should learn from and who you can trust in the world of influencers and the bizarro internet

  • Are tired of untangling the knots of trauma, conformity, and ancestral burdens and want to step into a life of lightness and sovereignty

You Are Not Alone,

and the healthiest thing you can do is seek a community of likeminded folks and experts to illuminate the path back to yourself. This is work we cannot do alone, no matter what the systems of capitalism and trauma want you to believe. Healing is in relation, in illumination, and in agency.

  • Peeling back the layers of burdens that were never yours to carry, allowing you to finally meet and nourish your true self

  • A life of regular spiritual practice, mindfully tending to the Earth, learning from plant medicine, and having great sex

  • Not just learning from trusted, vetted experts, but actually embodying the wisdom and skills you've learned in your everyday life and relationships

  • Saving time, energy, and money by having all the resources you need in one place—you can stop looking and start being that version of yourself you've been missing

  • Having concrete steps towards making the changes you desire, taking that mental chatter of “I need to make a change” into “I’m making the changes I need to feel healed and whole”

The Self-Renewal Summit is Sponsored by Omnia, A Membership That Is Here to Help You:


    the oppressive systems that found their way into all of us


    who you have always been underneath this conditioning


    your true nature in all of its beauty and glory