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Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Expert Wendy Kornberg explains everything you need to learn before you begin growing your own cannabis, and she teaches with an added emphasis on the role and power of intention within the process. Wendy covers all of the basics of growing your own plant medicine, with modules covering the following subjects: plant basics, male vs female plants, soil, water, fertilizer, growing indoors vs outdoors, genetics, seeds vs clones, microbiology, growing spaces, transplanting, and lighting.

But what makes this class even more special and important is that she covers the importance of your intentions in the process, and how this turns an already really delightful process of cultivation into a mystical and healing journey. Growing your own cannabis isn't just about being able to consume the medicine at the end of its growing cycle, it's about learning things like patience, reciprocity, and deep listening that we often don't give ourselves an opportunity for in our bustling everyday lives. These skills will teach you how to grow, but they'll also teach you lessons on how to trust your intuition and have a deeper understanding of the energetics that are all around us.

This class is intended to be a primer ahead of our live, 9-module, 27-week course that Wendy will teach beginning August 30th that will take you from seed to flower, while giving you expert feedback the whole way through. By the end of this workshop, you'll know exactly what you'll need to begin your growing journey and be fully prepared for our class to start! If you're joining this after the class has begun, fret not - you can still join us anytime and Wendy will always be able to answer your questions. 

About Your Instructor

Wendy Kornberg's background and philosophy.

Wendy Kornberg is a second-generation legacy farmer with over 30 years of experience. As the owner of Sunnabis: Humboldt’s Full Sun Farms, she advises farmers worldwide by regularly traveling to farms to help cut costs and improve quality through education and hands-on natural farming training.

 Regarded as an exceptional cultivator among her peers, Wendy has won numerous awards for her cannabis flower and formulations. 

She is highly passionate about providing cannabis with the core value of sustainability, held to the highest degree possible by using environmentally friendly farming methods and respecting the natural rhythms of the plants, animals, and the environment around them.

 Sharing critical information and educating others has driven Wendy to work alongside other legacy farmers and industry experts to create a one-of-a-kind trade program entitled Ganjier, a Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program. As a founding member of the Ganjier council, she has been instrumental in creating course material and serves as a course instructor.

Wendy strives to help other cultivators succeed and believes that more involvement within the political process is critical to that effort and, therefore, is a strong advocate for sound regulatory programs and processes that support small farms and businesses. Also she happens to be a total badass, mom, loving pet owner, and generally an amazing human. (Can you tell I'm a big fan?!)

You can check out her farm at 

Or check out her Instagram: @sunnabis

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