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How are you feeling these days?

Physically a little creaky (or a lot), mentally a little run over (or a lot), emotionally a little bit wrung out (or a lot)? If you are any of these things or just looking to move easier through the day, this course is for you. Unsticking our stuck is for those of us interested in learning how this thing they call yoga can help us re-Connect. Re-Charge. Re-Set.

"Yup, we hear you!" It sounds good, but I’ve tried yoga before and not gotten results.”
Like anything, dear friends, it’s a practice, not perfect! This course will give accessible skills to carry in your self-care toolbox.

“But I’m so busy.”
Yeah we get this too, but we here at Omnia believe carving out time to nourish the self is essential if we want to unstick?

“But I’m not flexible.”
My dear friend, this is why we practice. Again. Nothing perfect goin on here.

“I have no experience.”
See above. Practice. Imperfect= I’m Perfect.

(4-weeks) for (1 hour per week) = Living the process of expanding and embodying the Self.

Key point: This course is not about fixing or changing yourself. It’s about removing what’s in the way of who we truly are at heart. All are welcome.

Required: Curious, open mind.

Personal support will be available with Julie.)

Links to each week's course plus additional in-depth information can be found by clicking this cute little button below. Can't make it? No worries! After each live class, the recordings of the class can be found in the associative module and will be available for one month.

For the class—please have some props to support you, like a towel, blanket, or scarf. It helps to have a yoga mat, too! See you soon.

What You'll Learn

A week by week breakdown of all the goods.

  • Week One: Hello posture! Slumping at the desk and hanging over our tech devices is not doin much for our posture. And did ya know, that this affects how we breathe? Which affects how our internal systems function? We’ll practice simple movements to get the stuck out of the shoulders neck and back + some easy to follow breathing techniques to help us land our feet.

  • Week Two: Oh my achey back? Life is happening out there friends and our poor backs are feeling the crunch. We’ll use home accessible props to help open and release the back. Sprinkled in will be some fascia work to undo our stuck energy and get things flowin.

  • Week Three: What the heck is the Vagus Nerve? Meet the message center to our brains and how our internal functions function. Or don’t. Easy, applicable cues and tools to use on your own and ease the overwhelm. Some yummy poses added in for some super restorative measures.

  • Week Four: The finale that brings it all together. Some Delicious Movement + Breathing Techniques + Hip-n-Heart Opening Postures + Applying Internal Resources = Renewal.

Meet Your Instructor: Julie Ewald

Her background, her philosophy, and her approach to this course.

Follow her on Instagram: @identityyoga_
Julie believes it's wise to be willing to unknow & unlearn what we think we know. To maintain a sense of humor and attempt to understand that how we do one thing is how we do everything. The physical part of the practice is only a slice of the pie. She's less interested in a fancy pose and more interested in how we treat ourselves along the way. She believes that the practice is linked with life and how we measure ourselves on the mat, is how we measure ourselves in every day life. She believes in the power of yoga and it's healing abilities to help us see through the muck. It's a daily practice of self-development that helps us connect to an inner strengthwe already have within and just like treasure, it's not at the surface. It requires some digging.

She loves teaching yoga because it allows us to drop the stories we drag around and how we can expand into our inherent potential. It teaches us compassion, forgiveness and how to accept ourselves just as we are. If we are willing to study the self, we begin to understand that we have to experience all the feels to gain wisdom, not just the ones we like. The key is to remember that the injury, obstacle, challenge can be a blessing if we allow it to teach us. The continual practice is how to stay open and graceful when turds are hitting the proverbial fan.

Her backstory—A costume designer for 25 years in the film biz in NYC...yoga started as a workout and she thought downward facing dog was nothing short of torture. She eventually got hooked on fast, hot, power yoga and after some serious low back issues, discovered the healing art of Iyengar. Now? Her practice as well as what she teaches is a magical mix that's playful yet precise, slow, steady, deep and ever evolving.

Check out her amazing yoga space and website, where you can access more live classes with her, recorded workshops, or learn more about her at:


Course curriculum

    1. Unsticking the Stuck.

    1. Week #1: Hello Posture!

    2. Recording of Week 1 - Hello Posture!

    1. Week #2: Your Back Needs This

    2. Recording of Week #2: Your Back Needs This

    1. Week #3: The Magical Vagus Nerve

    2. Recording of Class #3: The Magical Vagus Nerve

    1. Week #4: Bringing It All Together

    2. Recording of Class #4: Bringing It All Together

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