All About This Course

Curious about what lies beneath? Want to explore the realm of the ancestors, the place to which the plants retreat in the winter? Ready to get in touch with your roots? 

In this introductory discussion on ancestors, the underworld, and the insights, healing, and transformation that can happen what you start to unravel the twisty path of the underworld. 

If you’ve ever felt called to deepen your relationships with your ancestors or the dead, to discover the insights that lurk in the shadowy places, to  better understand the compost & death part of the metaphorical cycle of life, this event and ritual is for you! 

Learn about the essential information you need to know for any underworld encounter, have your questions answered, and experience a guided meditation into your own inner underworld.

Trance journeys are a little bit like meditation, only instead of being designed to observe the mind they’re designed to escape from the confines of your every day consciousness! This is done through a mix of guided visualization, music, and repetitive action. Lex is a trained trance practitioner and will be guiding you through a safe, but exciting encounter with your own inner underworld and story.

This guided meditation ritual is for you if:
  • You want to explore your own truth, intuition, and knowing.
  • You are in a state of mind to be able to acknowledge your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs
  • You are curious about exploring your inner realms & connecting to the wisdom within you

About Your Instructor

Lex Ritchie's Background + Philosophy

Lex Ritchie (they/them) is a mystical guide, spirit worker, facilitator of magical education, and a tarot reader for rebels, former rule-followers, and anyone who dares to go beyond the conventional to find their way. Lex’s goal is to empower students to trust their intuition and follow their own paths through radical approaches. As a former rule follower, Ritchie has developed the tools to break free from society's norms and live a life of freedom.

Lex is here to connect weirdos & revolutionaries to the magical tools of love & liberation.

Think of them as your comrade in iconoclastic spirituality. An oracular outsider facilitating encounters with the radical and enchanting possibilities of the beyond.

Lex is a queer, bisexual, trans-masculine, chronically ill & neurodivergent witch. They are a music school & PhD drop-out, a trained research scientist turned mystical revolutionary. They are the caretaker of a geriatric cat. They are a child of earth and starry sky. They are a former atheist working with spirits and worshiping deities.

Lex loves reading and research and asking questions that get to the heart of the matter. Their favorite books are The Iliad and The Dispossessed. In their free time you can find them in the woods, talking with the forest spirits and their ancestors.

Lex not only explores the beyond, but strives to bring back what they've learned to share as widely as they can. In service of that work, they are also a writer. You can check out their writing portfolio for examples of their work. You can subscribe to Liminal Letters, their weekly digital love letter to the liminal, here -! 

Lex's work is deeply rooted in their values of reciprocal thriving, radical liberation, pleasure & joy, and the liminal & unconventional.

To learn more about Lex and their work, check out their website:

Or follow them on Insta: @thelexritchie