All About This Course

Trauma can be understood as a rupture in the relationship with ourselves: with our bodies, our feelings, and our needs. Rituals are the gestures and relationships that help us remember and return to the natural order of our being: by centering sensory joy, they can support us in reducing the pressure of shame, befriending grief, making space for complexity & uncertainty, and expanding our capacity to feel & receive.

In this 4-week course with trauma & grief coach Fanny Priest, aka The Trauma Witch, you’ll learn:

– How & Why ritual works from a nervous system and developmental trauma lens.

– How to seek sensory joy & form relationships with the more-than-human world.

– How to craft & engage with your own personalized ritual.

– How to cultivate an ongoing, nourishing, and sustainable relationship to ritual.

About Your Instructor

Fanny Priest's Background & Philosophy

I'm Fanny Priest (she/her.) I'm a writer, educator, and coach specializing in developmental and attachment trauma repair. I'm a queer, fat, neurodivergent (Autism & ADHD), polyamorous witch, a mama of two, and a native French speaker. I love tarot, stationery, 90's grunge, weed, collecting rainbow mugs, putting my feet in the grass, decaf coffee, and literally all dogs. I'm a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon, Taurus rising, and an aspiring Guns N' Roses cover band drummer.

I help witches & weirdos, queers & creatives, misfits & mystics repair the relationship with their bodies, feelings, and needs. I teach folks how to build self-trust and be safe caregivers to themselves, reduce the pressure of shame, befriend grief, and expand their capacity to feel & receive.

Trauma is a relational and spiritual wound, so the medicine must also be relational and spiritual. When it comes to creating the change we desire in our lives, relationships, and world, we don't need to try harder. We need to feel safer.


Insta: @the.trauma.witch

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