All About This Course

Living Your Design is the fundamental human design course as outlined by the International Human Design School (IHDS). Kelsey has taken the provided curriculum and adapted it and added to it to offer you an initiation into your human design experiment that fits Kelsey's teaching style & frequency of transmission.

LYD is where the experiment begins. We will clarify the basics of human design, learn about its origin, and see how all the pieces are rooted in a transparent mechanical system as well as how they are synthesized together. We'll practice applying each of the concepts covered to each of the unique designs of everyone in the class, and we'll take the leap into the unknown, free-fall, experiment that is human design: deconditioning from the mind and living a unique, somatically led life.

You'll get all of the info to help you understand the ins and outs of the system's fundamental knowledge in your own way, plus:

  • lots of support in applying the concepts to your own unique design
  • guidance for the upheaval that ensues when we take the human design system into our cells and shatter the mind.

A true, embodied integration of the Human Design System can shatter the mind's distortions and transform a person on a cellular level. Such an awakening comes from following one's somatic knowing and requires lots of time and process for experimentation, deconditioning, and growing awareness.

This intensive serves to orient participants to Human Design in a way that supports their assimilation of the knowledge in a rooted, embodied, personal, and intuitive way, setting up a foundation for deeper study and ultimately for a genuine and total acceptance of self.

If you've tasted the resonance of this system and its potential to impact your life and find yourself craving more context, guidance, and information, this introductory workshop, and perhaps the full-length course to follow, might be for you.

About Your Instructor

Kelsey Rose Tortorice's Background & Philosophy.

Kelsey Rose Tortorice identifies as a cosmic contextualizer, a translator of the languages of consciousness, an agent for sacred pattern recognition, and a talisman for upheaval. She primarily uses the languages of astrology and Human Design in her work.


Kelsey is informed and inspired by a traditional background in music and music education (along with eight years in public teaching) and a decade+ long traditional yoga practice (and the awareness that developed within it).

Her experience includes exploring energetic and channeling practices such as reiki and the akashic records, a lifetime of studying relationships, community, individuality, and the dance among them.

Kelsey serves emotional provocation and a joyful correction of what doesn't work. Emotional upheaval is expected when working with her, but the upheaval accelerates your process of achieving radical honesty with yourself.

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