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This is *the* course to learn how to grow cannabis. Legacy Regenerative Cannabis Cultivator Wendy Kornberg will walk you through every step to growing your own medicine, from seed to flower. Does 27 weeks sound like a long time? It's done by design - this will give you enough time to fully flower your plant, allowing for troubleshooting along the way. This class covers everything, from how to plant your seeds, to transplanting (clones included!), watering, fertilizing, navigating soil and amendments, vegetation, and flowering. But this class is so much more than the "how-to's" of cannabis cultivation; it also focuses on growing with intention. Learn the deep listening, mindfulness, patience, and sweet reward of taking care of this beautiful live creature, and let the medicine return the favor. This is a spiritual approach to growing plant medicine, and it will teach you so many lessons about yourself on the way. Plus, you'll learn how to grow tons of other types of food too! The lessons and skills from this course are life-changing. 

After each live call, the recordings will be posted underneath this module as a new lesson. 

About Your Instructor

Wendy Kornberg's Background & Philosophy

Wendy Kornberg is a second-generation legacy farmer with over 30 years of experience. As the owner of Sunnabis: Humboldt’s Full Sun Farms, she advises farmers worldwide by regularly traveling to farms to help cut costs and improve quality through education and hands-on natural farming training.

Regarded as an exceptional cultivator among her peers, Wendy has won numerous awards for her cannabis flower and formulations. She is highly passionate about providing cannabis with the core value of sustainability, held to the highest degree possible by using environmentally friendly farming methods and respecting the natural rhythms of the plants, animals, and the environment around them.

Sharing critical information and educating others has driven Wendy to work alongside other legacy farmers and industry experts to create a one-of-a-kind trade program entitled Ganjier, a Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program. As a founding member of the Ganjier council, she has been instrumental in creating course material and serves as a course instructor.

Wendy strives to help other cultivators succeed and believes that more involvement within the political process is critical to that effort and, therefore, is a strong advocate for sound regulatory programs and processes that support small farms and businesses. Also, she happens to be a total badass, mom, a loving pet owner, and generally an amazing human. (Can you tell I'm a big fan?!)

You can check out her farm at

Or check out her Instagram: @sunnabis

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