All About This Course

When we’re working on ourselves we are usually trying to figure out how to unlearn outdated patterns and learn the most harmonious ways to operate. The greatest teachers of harmonious living are the plant beings, and in this monthly ritual we will learn how to connect with plant and earth wisdom and how to receive their simple yet sophisticated teachings and incorporate them into our lives. 

Even when we think we’re working with distinctly human issues, the plants have the answers. From use and preservation of physical energy to our mental and emotional patterns, to our spiritual quests, these magnificent beings of the plant and earth spirit realm are here for us with timeless wisdom. 

In our first online ritual, we will learn and practice the basic principles of connecting with the plant and earth spirit realm. This introduction will be recorded and available for you to return to at any time. 

In the introduction, we will address:

  1. What is a plant spirit journey?

  2. The essential aspects of a harmonious relationship with the plant spirits

  3. How, why, and when we can receive wisdom from the plants

  4. Our intuitive senses: what are they, and how do we use and recognize them?

  5. How to know we’re receiving actual information and not making it up

And we will experience our first plant spirit journey together!

In subsequent monthly rituals, we will:

  1. Have an opportunity to share your intention or need for the day

  2. Learn about a specific plant and the essence of its teaching

  3. Experience a guided plant spirit journey to receive wisdom from the plant spirit

  4. Share our experiences and learn from each other

This ritual may be for you if: 

  • You feel a connection to (or curiosity about) plants, trees, and the mysteries of nature

  • You would like to focus your attention on things of this earth, perhaps to balance out your exploration in things cosmic and of the underworld.

  • You want to balance felt experience with intellectual understanding

  • You would like to build and strengthen your intuitive senses and your relationship to your intuition

  • You are simply curious or feel the pull

About Your Instructor

Lizzie Rose Reiss's Background & Philosophy

Lizzie is a practitioner and teacher of energy healing who is particularly passionate about her work with plant essences and ancient teachings. She regularly trains and mentors healers, works with clients 1:1, and leads groups of seekers and mystics through the mysteries. A multi-passionate person, Lizzie owns and operates Everyday Magic Intentional Goods, a retail shop in Woodstock NY, has written and published a children's book, and always has some fun new projects in the works. 

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