All About This Course

Our breathing patterns indicate our health and well-being. Oftentimes, under stress and anxiety, for example, we shorten and restrict our breath. Because of this, plus the effects of living in a noisy and busy world, we often lose connection with the wisdom in our bodies. Conscious breathwork practice helps us deepen our breathing pattern and stimulates us to release stuck energies in the mind and body. Through a series of controlled breathing techniques, we will release stress and experience more joy, love, freedom and ease. Come experience the magic of this ancient healing modality and your own self-healing power.  

During these sessions:
-we will learn the benefits that results from conscious breathing practice
-we will learn what one may experience in a breathwork session
-we will learn and practice powerful breathing techniques designed to release stress and anxiety
-we will breathe actively for 30 minutes, guided by cues, music and song 
-we will share, listen and support each other through shares during the integration

This ritual is for you if:
-you desire physical and emotional relief
-you want to have more balance in your life
-you feel you have been holding onto past energies you are ready to release
-you want to deepen your relationship with yourself 
-you are often in your head and desire to connect to the wisdom in your body
-you are on a spiritual journey and want to explore non-pharmacological altered states of consciousness
-you desire change and want to release old behavioral patterns and thinking
-you aspire to live a more embodied life
-you are curious and open about breathwork

All experience levels are welcome. Dress comfortably and avoid a heavy meal two hours beforehand.  Have an eye mask and blanket handy. We will be lying down during the breathing portion of the session.

About Your Instructor

Ru Chao's Background & Philosophy

Ru Chao left New York City corporate culture to become a breathwork guide and musician in the high desert of New Mexico. Her sessions support people to love and accept themselves unconditionally and safely release old trauma patterns so that they can live with more passion, purpose and joy. Ru expertly guides her clients with ancient breathing patterns, tongue drum and voice. When she’s not guiding breathwork you can catch her in the mountains hiking or spending time with her community. 



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