All About This Course

This intensive will take you on a tour through the continuing, shifting, contracting and expanding themes of these times. We’ll play with zodiacal tones and planetary rhythms to get a feel for the parts and the whole of the year 2024.

In gaining awareness of the cosmic context, we are able to refine our ability to consciously tune into the themes showing up for us personally and within the collective, and strengthen our connection to the great unfolding.

Astrologer Kelsey Rose Tortorice will focus primarily on an interpretation of the collective themes, but will offer context throughout to clarify how the transits might interact with different natives based on rising signs, nodal placements, and more.

About Your Instructor

Kelsey Rose Tortorice's Background + Philosophy

Kelsey Rose Tortorice identifies as a cosmic contextualizer, a translator of the languages of consciousness, an agent for sacred pattern recognition, and a talisman for upheaval. She primarily uses the languages of astrology and Human Design in her work.

Kelsey is informed and inspired by a traditional background in music and music education (along with eight years in public teaching) and a decade+ long traditional yoga practice (and the awareness that developed within it). Her experience includes exploring energetic and channeling practices such as reiki and the akashic records, a lifetime of studying relationships, community, individuality, and the dance among them.

Kelsey serves emotional provocation and a joyful correction of what doesn't work. Emotional upheaval is expected when working with her, but the upheaval accelerates your process of achieving radical honesty with yourself.

To learn more about Kelsey and her work, check out her website:

Or follow her on Insta: @kelseyrosetort